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A Collaborative Workspace with Gladiator

Several years ago the advertising agency I am VP of Operations for in Western Michigan took on the Herculean task of moving into a new office space. It was exciting to start from scratch and plan the workspace of the “future” – a space free of outdated, real estate-eating cubicles and aging furniture. Our vision was to create an open, inviting and inspiring environment that would be conducive to the exchange of ideas and would accommodate our growing company. It…

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Garage Storage

Take On Heavy-Duty Storage in a Big Way

It can be daunting to find the right shelving to securely store your heavy gear and equipment. Oftentimes, larger racks with powerful construction have limited versatility; they can’t be easily moved or adjusted to accommodate your changing storage needs.…Read More

Small Spaces

Small Home, Big Organization.

My wife and I were recently married in the spring of 2019. We met at the University of Michigan as undergrads (Go Blue!) and we have a dog named Woodson. We currently live in a small apartment and enjoy…Read More

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