Small Spaces

Small Laundry Solutions that Make a Sizable Impact

Multi-purpose is key when optimizing a small space. And that’s exactly what sets Gladiator® GarageWorks products apart – there are plenty of ways to get creative when it comes to putting them to use as deliberate, versatile and functional storage.

Take the laundry room, for instance. A lot of work goes into keeping clothes clean and the laundry room clutter-free. These Gladiator® GarageWorks pieces can lighten the load by getting items up off the floor and into practical yet stylish storage. 

If your clothes have ever sat in the basket for days gathering wrinkles because there wasn’t a dedicated space to fold them, you’re not alone. 4′ Workbenches offer a place to fold laundry on top and store baskets and other items below. 

The Foldaway Workstation is a seamless solution for even the smallest of laundry rooms. Mounting directly to the wall, it offers the option of a power source, so you can steam clothes on the spot and out of the way.

If you’re looking to get a variety of items (up to 50 lbs) off the floor, the Gladiator 48″ Solid Shelf is just the answer. It also mounts easily to any GearWall® panel or GearTrack® channel, making it easy to adjust when needed.

For someone whose laundry room also functions as a mudroom or space to store off-season items, Storage Bin Holders can maximize your room in a big way. Just mount them to your GearWall® Panels to hold everything from plastic bins to sports equipment and holiday decor. 

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