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Several years ago the advertising agency I am VP of Operations for in Western Michigan took on the Herculean task of moving into a new office space. It was exciting to start from scratch and plan the workspace of the “future” – a space free of outdated, real estate-eating cubicles and aging furniture. Our vision was to create an open, inviting and inspiring environment that would be conducive to the exchange of ideas and would accommodate our growing company. It was important that our new space looked and functioned in a modern way, but wasn’t so trendy that it looked dated before the paint was dry.

Gladiator® workbenches were a big part of our solution. They make great desks. We used a variety of 6’ workbenches and 8’ workbenches to create “workstations” that are the cornerstone of our collaborative work environment. The best part: they are easily adjustable which accommodates both sitting and standing work styles.

Each workbench is equipped with a “mini wall” fashioned out of GearWall® Panels and are easily customized with hooks, baskets, shelves and bins. These walls serve the dual purpose of allowing our team members the opportunity to personalize their individual spaces as well as providing them with a measure of privacy.

Throughout the workspace we’ve maximized storage with a variety of cabinets. We have rolling cabinets that move around the office for easy access and flexibility. And we have more permanent storage mounted in key areas, like the Ready-To-Assemble Full Door Wall GearBox. It never ceases to amaze me how much Gladiator® cabinets can hold!

Building the workspace of the future is never easy but Gladiator sure helped solve a lot of design questions and provided modern, durable solutions that will help our agency grow into the next chapter of our story. When I look around our agency today I see exactly what we set out to accomplish—I see continuity but not conformity, I see a place where people can collaborate comfortably, I see creativity flourishing…but most importantly, I see a great place to come to work everyday.

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  • Mary Kolowski Holt

    Can the 6′ hardwood workbench be used as a kitchen prep table, what is the wood treated with?

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