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Love & Stuff: Finding a Place for it All

First comes love, then comes marriage…then comes three kids, a mini-van and a garage overflowing with stuff. Lots of stuff!

When my husband and I decided to move into our first home, we left behind our compact city condo and opted to embrace the open floor plans, tree-lined streets and the brand-new garage our new neighborhood brought with it.

We initially found ourselves with space we didn’t know what to do with. Rooms set aside just for sitting. A guest bedroom for visitors, and a two-car garage with more room than we knew what to do with.  

Fast forward five years – we’re sharing this space with three amazing children, who have played a big role in our garage starting to overflow with boxes of toys, bikes for every age group, bins of seasonal clothes atop the bins of seasonal decorations – the clutter keeps growing. Let’s not forget the non-stop pipeline of kids art work, every toy train and building block set imaginable, the figure skates for that one lesson we took, and all of the adult things that help with the upkeep of our home – lawn care equipment, gardening gear, potting soil, our snow blower. It’s no surprise that after five years of owning a home, we found ourselves drowning in clutter. And we decided it was time to start the upstream paddle back to an organized life. 

A panoramic shot of what we were working with.

It started with a garage sale. Thrown together by a few neighbors and set for a Saturday morning this past summer, we were able to unload a few big items that were taking up valuable floor space in the garage. And we liked that feeling of being able to see the floor again!

So we kept the purge going and soon we found ourselves with a need for easy-to-assemble, intuitive storage solutions – and Gladiator had everything we were looking for to help us take back our garage. 

This is where the 90” X 90” Heavy Duty Mega Rack with adjustable shelves came into play. Easy to install and sleek in design, once we had this piece assembled and in the garage, we couldn’t believe how much the 24” shelves could hold. 

Building the Mega Rack
Mega Rack, set up and ready to store!

Within minutes of placing much of our lawn care maintenance and lawn power tools on the  90″ X 90″ Heavy Duty Mega Rack, a few heavier storage bins along the bottom and using the top rack for a few decorative things we wouldn’t need to use until the winter, we immediately felt the undertaking of our garage organization project get lighter. 

Next, we wanted to ensure we had the right storage cabinets to hold additional sporting equipment, so  we turned immediately to add the Ready-to-Assemble Large Gearbox to our garage. With the ability to hold up to 300 lbs., we knew we could count on it for all the softball, baseball, hockey and soccer equipment that our kids had accumulated over the years. And standing next to the Mega Rack, it all looked so sharp!

Rolling right along, we needed a place for my husband Tim’s tools. It was time to find a solution that could help keep his growing tool collection organized. Enter the Ready-to-Assemble Modular GearBox.  It was so easy to assemble, and my husband can use it for a variety of gear. 

With so much of the kid’s equipment in the garage, we know they needed a place to sit and put on those skates, soccer cleats and bike pads. The Storage Shoe Bench was the next storage piece we built and wow, are we glad we did. 

So with the kids stuff getting a few new homes and with the lawn and gardening tools and décor getting a new spot, we realized it was time to find a place for our own hobbies – GOLF! My husband’s career is centered on golf. The Golf Caddie was the perfect addition to our newly organized space. 

IWith our newly organized garage and our growing family, we can always confidently say that there will be room for Love & Stuff in our home and garage.

Our garage is fully organized, thanks to Gladiator!

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