Small Spaces

Small Home, Big Organization.

My wife and I were recently married in the spring of 2019. We met at the University of Michigan as undergrads (Go Blue!) and we have a dog named Woodson. We currently live in a small apartment and enjoy being active in the beautiful outdoors. Joia loves to garden and is passionate about decorating. I’m a huge fan of all sports, but especially hockey. 

We’re both working professionals, so it’s important to us to be able to relax in our home once we’re done with work. That said, it can be difficult to take it easy when you’re living in a very small space. It’s especially challenging when our hobbies, like my hockey equipment and my wife’s gardening supplies, take up a lot of real estate. Add Woodson’s food and dog gear on top of that and our house quickly start to feel unmanageable.

My wife and our dog, getting ready for an afternoon walk!

Getting the Most out of Small, Highly-Trafficked Areas 

To maximize our home’s space, we needed to create order in the household and we turned to Gladiator® products to get the job done.

Our first project was to tackle the laundry room. Since this is one of our most highly trafficked areas, we wanted an organization solution to get our bulkiest gear out of the way, without sacrificing accessibility.

We installedGearTrack® Channels high on the wall of the room and utilized a variety of hooks to safely store my hockey gear out of the way, while still keeping it ready to go when I need to rush out the door for a game. Speaking of grab-and-go: when Woodson wants to get out of the house, Woodson wants to get out of the house…quick. We used additional GearTrack® Channels with a variety of baskets, bins, and hooks to make sure Woodson’s leashes and accessories are easy to find when he decides it’s time for his evening walk.

We also opted for a couple of specialty accessories to solve for some of our hard-to-store items; the Golf Gear Caddy now hangs in the closet to keep my clubs safely stored inside (not in my car’s trunk), while the Recycling Bin Holder makes it effortless to toss our bottles and boxes at a moment’s notice. Thanks to Gladiator, our laundry room is now neatly organized, with plenty of space to move!

Creating a Patio Oasis

My wife’s collection of plants (and garden supplies) seems to grow by the day. With our small apartment, we wanted to keep our growing garden organized and enjoyable. 

The EZ Connect Rack we added to our patio made gardening a breeze!

We used a 30″ EZ Connect Rack to create vertical space on our patio – a simple solution (both from an assembly standpoint and a utility standpoint) that will allow my wife to grow her plant and gardening collection, without encroaching on our small outdoor footprint. With everything so neatly organized, we find ourselves spending even more time outside these days, taking in the neighborhood, tending to the greenery, and playing tug-of-war with Woodson.

Looking Forward to What’s Next

We’re so glad that we were able to make the most of our small apartment with Gladiator® products. It’s refreshing to come home and feel like everything is safely and purposefully stored. While we’re loving apartment living for now, we hope to eventually move to a single family home and we will definitely be organizing the garage with more Gladiator® products when that time comes.

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