Garage Storage

More Space to Work, More Space to Store.

My husband is constantly in the garage, working on a myriad of things. He has a boat, a work van, a variety of small engine items like lawn mowers and snow blowers. Whenever something breaks down, it’s a total headache. That’s why we go to great lengths in order to make sure our gear stays organized and properly protected.

To keep our garage organized, my husband uses a Gladiator® Foldaway Workstation: the perfect solution for a sturdy, durable workspace when he needs it and protective storage when he’s not using it. It saves us space in the garage, while also giving my husband the option of having a reliable work surface for those quick projects that seem to pop up at a moment’s notice. When he’s done using the fold-out shelf of the workstation, he likes to store his vacuum, lubes and detergents – a simple way to make sure that they’re accessible, protected and kept neatly out of sight.

There’s plenty of space to store my husband’s utility cart under his Foldaway Workstation.

Another benefit of having this workstation is that, because it’s mounted to the wall, it creates usable space below and around it. As an example, this wall-mounted feature allowed my husband to build a PVC contraption below the workstation that holds a variety of funnels that he uses on a regular basis. Now he not only can keep track of where his prized funnels are at all times, but he can also ensure that any residue inside the funnel is properly drained out after each use. If we had opted for a floor-standing workbench rather than our foldaway workstation, we wouldn’t have been able to utilize the full space available in our garage!

My husband likes to keep his cleaning rags and solutions hidden away in the fold-down shelf.

All in all, I think it’s safe to say that the Gladiator Foldaway Workstation is our most valuable player in the garage. It’s given my husband an additional work surface to get projects done, while also helping us create extra storage and more usable space in the garage! As we continue to get organized and make the most of our footprint, we’re looking to potentially add a set of Wall Gearboxes and a Large Gearbox to our collection – even more opportunities to create keep our gear protected and organized (and out of the way)!

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