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I am the owner of Silver Pine Stables in Woodstock, IL, a ranch where we train and groom horses for competition. I’ve been riding since I was a young girl and I love seeing others enjoy the activity as much as I do!

New challenges inevitably arise as the business grows, especially when it comes to ensuring operations run as smoothly as possible. After a full day of training and grooming, our expensive gear can get damaged if it’s not put away properly – or worse, not put away at all. With more horses and clients using the stable, we needed to figure out a way to keep our valuable equipment safely stored and ready to use when we need it.

Our Silver Pine Stables team at a local competition!

Gearing up the grooming room

For streamlined storage and organization, we decided to outfit our grooming room with Gladiator products.

We started with two 6’ Wide Adjustable Height Hardwood Benches. By placing these side-by-side, we added the perfect amount of surface space for servicing saddles and working on repairs. Beneath the benches, we opted for two sets of the Premier Pre-Assembled Modular GearBox and Premier Pre-Assembled Modular GearDrawer, an easily accessible storage solution for our most used medical gear and grooming equipment. Above the benches, we installed several 4′ GearWall® Panels and, with various GearWall hooks, we are now able to keep our horse bits, bridles, and tools from getting tangled. We completed the system with a 30″ Wall Premier Pre-Assembled GearBox – the perfect place to keep cleaning products and other miscellaneous items safely stored.

Two 6’ Wide Adjustable Height Hardwood Benches, plus the Modular Gearbox and GearDrawer, added much needed work and organization space!

Protection from the elements

Between our seasonal gear and extra riding equipment, we have a lot of large items that need protection when they’re not in use. The Premier Pre-Assembled Tall GearBox and Premier Pre-Assembled Tall GearLocker were just what we needed to store everything, from our horse blankets to our hanging gear bags. The best part? With the addition of casters, we are now able to easily move the cabinets whenever it’s time for deep cleaning!

Gladiator cabinets made it easy to store our larger items – and the casters make it easy to rearrange them whenever we need!

Finally, we installed Multipurpose GearTrack® Packs to the walls of the stable, creating an accessible organization system that keeps our most used items, like our reins and halters, ready to grab at a moment’s notice.

GearTrack Channels make our most-used items easily accessible.

Bringing Order to Potential Chaos

We never imagined that the proper storage and organization solutions could help us build efficiencies in our business…that is, until we used Gladiator! With our gear and equipment now kept safely organized in the grooming shed, we’re ready to tackle the rest of the stable. This new system has been a game-changer. Gladiator got us back on the horse, so to speak.

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