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Take a Look at the Classroom of the Future

By Gladiator contributor Veronica J.: teacher and flex learning enthusiast

I teach at an elementary school in Santa Monica, California. It’s my 14th year as a teacher, and I still love every minute of it. Being able to make a real impact on young minds is my passion in life.

This year, I made it my mission to transform my classroom into a flexible learning environment. In a setting like this, students choose where they want to work and learn in various workspaces throughout the room. Having choices motivates students to remain engaged in the learning process and promotes interaction among peers.

Creating a Flexible Classroom

To start, I removed the traditional rows of desks and chairs and added seating I felt reflected a 21st-century learning space. However, I was missing an area where my students could work while standing. Some students learn best this way, and I needed the right furniture to make it happen.

An A+ Solution

When I came across Gladiator® Workbenches, I knew they’d be the perfect addition. It’s like they were made for the classroom environment. They’re highly durable, sturdy and flexible, of course!

Adjustable Height Workbench Features:

• 1¾ in. thick solid hardwood top

• 3,000 lbs max distributed weight capacity

• Adjustable welded steel legs

Taking Learning to New Heights

I chose the Gladiator® 6′ Wide Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench in particular because of how easy it is to adjust the level of the work surface to meet my student’s height requirements. I have mine as high as they go for my students who like to stand. However, they can easily be adjusted for younger children or for students who prefer to sit.

Kid-proof Material

Desks in the classroom can take a real beating and look worn out by the end of the year. I love how durable the hardwood top is. From pencil scratches to paint spills — these benches have been through it all, and the surface still looks good as new.

Gladiator Makes the Grade

Adding the workbenches has enhanced my classroom environment immensely. My students gravitate to these workbenches. Not only do they add an element of interest, but they promote cooperative work and academic discourse while students work in close proximity.

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