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Master Organizing Your Pet Supplies Like This Dog Owner

By Gladiator contributor Kait B.: graphic designer and animal lover


Kait space


I’ve owned dogs all my life. Ginger (on the left) and Madeline (the unamused one on the right) are my current partners in crime. I spend a lot of time outside, taking my horse on trail rides, keeping up with the yard work on our property or sketching on my porch — and wherever I go, they go.


Dogs Will Be Dogs

Whenever I take my girls somewhere, they always find some way to get dirty. I used to keep all their gear, food, toys and grooming equipment in a small cabinet in our kitchen but was tired of the mess in the house. I’m always looking for new solutions for organizing their supplies, so adding Gladiator® GearTrack® Channels, Hooks and the 36″ EZ Connect Rack in my garage opened up space in the kitchen I didn’t have before — not to mention, everything is a lot cleaner.



Kait space

Organization Barkdown:

Step 1: Create Wall System

We started by mounting two 4′ Wide GearTrack® Channels to the walls in our garage. Placement is super important. Make sure you use a stud finder and a level to ensure the channels are straight and secure.


Step 2: Add Hooks

Whether we’re going for a walk around the block or a long car ride, the hooks make it easy to grab whatever I need when we’re heading out. The J & L Hooks keep harnesses, leashes and collars ready to go. Two Deep Hooks help hold our large dog crate. The Tool Hook works great for storing a doggy backpack and other gear we take on camping trips.


Step 3: Add Baskets, Bins and More

I love the variety of the Gladiator® accessories I have. I do my own grooming, so the Clean-Up Caddy is perfect for holding all my supplies. The 18″ Wire Basket keeps the abundance of toys we have in one spot, while the Small Item Bins are great for quick-grab treats.


Step 4: Make More Room with a Rack

The last thing we set up was the 36″ EZ Connect Rack. Assembling the rack was swift and painless, and it’s perfect for keeping extra dog food, beds and bowls off the floor.



Kait space

Next Step: Barn Organization

I definitely see more Gladiator® products in my future. I’ve been an avid horseback rider since I was eight years old, and I’d love to integrate similar storage solutions in my barn to keep my horse equipment more accessible, too!


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