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This Truck Restoration Setup Is a Dream Come True

By Gladiator contributor Ivan R.: auto manufacturer parts manager & restoration fanatic


Cars and trucks are my passion in life. I’ve been the manager of the parts department for a well-known auto manufacturer for 43 years and have been working in car dealerships for 50 years. When I’m not at my day job(s), I’m in my “hobby shop/man cave” restoring an old car or truck.


Ivan Profile

Setting Up Shop

Designing a workspace around my hobby has been a dream of mine for a long time. A lot of thought went into making it a reality. To start, I put pen to paper and sketched the setup I wanted. Next, I ordered the Gladiator® products I needed for all my gear. Then, I laid everything out where it would be installed and built the shop to suit.


Ivan Workspace

Cleaning Up the “Cave”

Over the years, I’ve accumulated a ton of tools, mechanical and body equipment, and refinishing products. I can’t even tell you how many spare parts I have lying around…it’s A LOT! The Premier Pre-Assembled Tall GearBoxes and Premier Pre-Assembled 30″ Wall GearBoxes I added cleared all of it up.


Ivan Truck Restoration
Ivan Truck Restoration
Check out my restoration process


Get the Project on the Road

Restoring old cars and trucks involves a lot of detail, so having my gear and keeping all the ‘gears’ I’m working with organized is key. My workbenches are awesome for that. They give me the space I need to lay out the tools and parts I’m working with rather than having everything on the ground. And when I need a portable work surface with my supplies right by my side, the Premier Pre-Assembled Modular GearDrawer and Premier Pre-Assembled Modular GearBox, each equipped with a 27″ Hardwood Top, really come in handy.


The Spot to Be

The way I’ve organized the space makes everything I do in it more enjoyable. My shop looks gorgeous. My tools and supplies are organized and easy to store — which is great when I want to free up space to relax and have a beer with my buddies or break out the guitar for a jam session. I never know who’s going to drop by next!

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