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An Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator That Keep Up with This Caterer

By Gladiator contributor Sharon A.: mother, hostess, caterer


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When you entertain as much as I do, it helps to have appliances that can keep up. Whether I’m stocking up on groceries for a get-together at home or prepping several large platters for a catering event, my new Gladiator® Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator have plenty of room to store and organize it all.


NOTE: Refrigerator contents may freeze if room temperatures reach 32°F (0°C) or below. Monitor food and beverages frequently for freezing, freshness and taste when using the refrigerator in cold locations.


Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator

Feeding a Party-Sized Appetite

The Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator fit perfectly into the garage. I use the refrigerator mostly for extra food I wouldn’t keep in our kitchen fridge. I have a side catering business that keeps me pretty busy. The large capacity of the All Refrigerator is ideal for storing my large trays and platters. The shelves make it so convenient to keep assembled platters ready ahead of time, instead of having to put them together on the spot.


I also LOVE the step-to-open foot pedal on each appliance. I’ll be completely honest — when I found out about this feature, I thought it was a little excessive. However, my mind changed completely once I started using them. Unloading food from the fridge for a catering event can be a delicate process, so the pedals really come in handy when I don’t have a hand.


Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator

Home Is Where the Happenings Are

My family’s all about working hard and playing harder. My husband, Tom, and I run our own tax firm, we attend church and have three children who keep us moving from one activity to the next. When it comes to our free time, we make the most of it — usually hosting a party, which means I’m cooking up a storm.


Our place is great for having people over. We have a beautiful lake view and spacious interior, which we love sharing with others. We throw quite a few large parties throughout the year, and there’s almost always something on the grill, so the Upright Freezer is perfect for frozen meat and pizzas. Everything would get lost in my deep chest freezer, and I’d forget about food until it was too late — and with catering, you never know what the next event will bring, so I like to have all my options readily available. My new appliances definitely help with that and more!


Upright Freezer and All Refrigerator

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