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Pet Supplies Organized on One Easy-to-Assemble Rack

By Gladiator Contributor Jennifer Z.: young professional, first-time bunny owner


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As a young professional in the great state of Michigan, I’m always busy. But there are two aspects of my life I always make time for: Harold and Kumar, my new pet bunnies!


Before Harold and Kumar came into my life, I didn’t realize how much stuff bunnies need. Their belongings quickly piled up as I acquired a cage, feeding dishes, a litter scoop, toys — and two months later, the list continued to grow. Bedding and newspaper lining, handfuls of hay, a portable pen, a pet carrier, even MORE toys…I really needed a good way to protect and organize these bunny supplies to make them easily accessible.




The Pet Supplies Surplus

I used my spare bedroom as a dumping ground for all of the big bags of hay, and bedding and extra newspaper, keeping everything behind closed doors so my furry friends wouldn’t chew through it all. In no time, my spare room turned into a big mess — so I decided to get a 30″ Wide EZ Connect Rack. It proved to be the perfect solution.


This was the easiest rack shelving unit I’ve ever installed. I figured it would take me at least thirty minutes to assemble, load and organize — but I barely hit fifteen! I recommend laying all the like pieces next to each other so everything’s easy to grab. If you’re doing this in the morning in the hopes of having your coffee cool off by the time you’re done assembling…it won’t! The rack goes up so quickly, your cup o’ joe will probably stay steaming.



One Gets the Job Done

Let me just say…WOW! I’ve been showing off my room to visitors every chance I get. It’s not a room I spend a lot of time in, but it looks so much better. My pet supplies are finally off the floor — and this room can finally be used as a guest room!


The best part about this rack is its click-and-lock system. You really only need one person to put it together. Once assembled, the rack feels very sturdy, and I felt confident loading it with all of my pet supplies. I couldn’t be happier with the results. Harold and Kumar are happy, too, because now they have space to bounce around in that room (when I let them)!


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