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Jaw-Dropping Workshop Organization for the DIYer

By Gladiator Contributor Jay R.: dad, DIYer, sports fan

As a do-it-yourself type of person, I enjoy working on my own projects and learning new techniques as I go. I love sports — mainly baseball, basketball and football — and I’ll jump on an ATV or paddle on my kayak any chance I get. Above all else, I prioritize spending time with my two kids, teaching them new things and watching them grow every day.



Everything in Its Place

My organizational challenges were pretty standard — too much equipment, no way to keep it both accessible and protected. Ultimately, I wanted to save as much floor space as possible, keeping my equipment off the ground and out of the way. In general, I like keeping everything neat, clean and straightened out, making sure every item is in a designated place so I don’t have to spend time searching for tools.


After collecting more and more Gladiator® products over time, I have too many to count! That includes an 8′ Wide Adjustable Height Hardwood Workbench, two Premier Series Modular GearDrawers, four Premier Series 24″ Wall GearBoxes, two 45″ GearLoft™ Shelves, two Ready To Assemble Jumbo GearBoxes, hundreds of feet of GearTrack® Channels and a bunch of different hooks. The list goes on!



Works As Good As It Looks

What I like most about my setup is the sheer strength, capacity and functionality of these units. They help me organize my power tools, lawn equipment, ladders, cords, shovels and a whole lot more. No matter what I need at any given time, I know exactly where it is and can find it immediately.


My mobile cabinets roll around easily, even with heavy items stored inside. These products hold everything! They get the job done — and look good while doing it. The matching Silver Tread doors and dark Hammered Granite finish bring everything together as one complete system. It looks totally awesome, if I do say so myself.


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