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Kid’s Room Organization: Inspired by the Workshop

By Gladiator Contributor Mark C.: family man, motorsports fan


Recently, I set out to organize my workshop with Gladiator® products, cleaning it up so I could work on new projects and keep my equipment readily available. After installing five Ready To Assemble Extra Large GearBoxes in the shop and two Premier Series 30″ Wall GearBoxes in my trailer for hauling UTVs and ATVs, I realized it would be pretty cool to add a few similar products to my son’s room.



Making the Most of a Small Home

My family lives in a smaller bungalow, so we’ve always been concerned about making the most of our limited space — especially as a busy, active bunch who loves sports (particularly hockey) and motorsports.


We decided the Premier Series Modular GearDrawer would make a perfect nightstand next to my son’s bed, including tons of room for most of his favorite trinkets, craft supplies and everything else he likes to collect! The GearWall® Panels and 24″ Wide Mesh Baskets not only fit, but work wonders in his small closet, giving us even more room to organize the rest of his toys and supplies.



From the Kid’s Room to Dad’s Workshop

I like the fact that all of these products are easy to clean and use on a daily basis. Once my son grows up and eventually moves out of the house, he may very well decide to take all of this with him to his own home…or I can convince him to put them in my shop, along with the rest of my Gladiator® system!


What other products can withstand the daily wear and tear of a young boy’s energy and imagination — and look awesome at the same time? I know our Gladiator® products will last for years to come.


Note: Anchor cabinets to wall if installed indoors.

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