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Create Your Own Home Brewing System

By Gladiator Contributor Darrin J.: avid home brewer


EZ Connect Rack home brewing

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I initially got into brewing to experiment with complex flavors and styles. Now with 10 years of home brewing under my belt, you could say I’m a little more than dedicated to the craft.


The brewing process requires a ton of equipment. When I brew a single batch, I need a 5-gallon brew pot, two 6.5-gallon buckets (or “carboys”), a copper wort chiller and two cases of 22-ounce bottles (24 bottles total). The buckets, bottles and pots pile up pretty quickly. I also need a place to house the beer as it ferments for up to three months.


Until recently, I kept my supplies in different places throughout my basement. It was a real pain to track down everything I needed when brew day rolled around, not to mention having to clean and put everything away in different locations. It became difficult remembering which item went where. Then I got my EZ Connect Rack.


Home Brewing before


Time to Brew Something Up

After quickly and easily assembling the rack, I finally have everything in one location. There’s room to organize all of my materials AND house the fermenting beer. Before, I fermented the beer in an unfinished bathroom for a while (which wasn’t ideal at all) and moved everything to the dining room when I completed my bathroom. Finally, my supplies all live in the same place, and I can start the brewing process much faster because everything I need is right at my fingertips.


It no longer takes me almost an hour to set everything up. I can go from wanting to brew to actually brewing in 10 minutes. With the buckets up on the shelves, they’re safe, out of the way and undisturbed as the beer ferments (and makes that coveted nectar of the gods). Now that I’ve got my home brewing system locked in place and organized, I’m ready to explore even more flavors and brewing styles in future batches.


EZ Connect Home Brewing 2

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