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By Gladiator Contributor Matt L.: dog lover, outdoorsman and new homeowner

old garage

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My garage is my workshop, my storage room, and now that I’m married, the catchall. We also park a car in there! My wife and I love to camp and travel. We had piles of gear — stuff thrown on top of other stuff.  We had no idea where anything was. If we were lucky enough to find what we were looking for, it was usually dusty, dirty and had any number of tears, dents and dings. I needed to get a grown-up garage that I actually would want to hang out in.


new garage


I focused on new cabinetry for my garage transformation. Closed shelving would help with the dust I create when I work with wood in the garage, and I wanted to get everything up, off the floor, where I could see it and have easy access to it. First, I put up four Premier Series 30″ Wall GearBoxes. One for fishing equipment, one for tools, one for hazardous cleaners that could potentially harm our dog. We also installed a “catchall” Large GearBox for all the things that accumulate over time and are just too good to toss.


I would recommend purchasing the GearTrack® Channels rather than trying to hang the cabinets directly on the wall, especially if you plan to hang them side by side. The GearTrack® Channels are easy to get level, and then you just pop the cabinets onto the rack. This was a real time and headache saver!
garage transformation


After I got the cabinets in place, I decided to add a large GearBox to hold all my camping, hiking and backpacking gear. I also set up a 10-Drawer 52″ Base Tool Chest to keep all my tools in one place so I don’t have to hunt for them every time I need them. For better visibility, I also installed magnetic downlighting over the tool chest. I have to say I think it looks really cool.
Garage transformation detail


Overall my garage transformation came together pretty effortlessly. Even novices can handle a project like this by keeping a few things in mind:

  • Measure twice and be confident you know where your wall studs are before drilling. They are generally 16” on center, so that’s a good starting point for finding them. 
  • The correct tools make everything easier. Consider renting any tools you don’t want to purchase to make sure your installation’s as quick and painless as possible. Maybe this project is the perfect “excuse” to buy some new tools!


dog garage


Space is actually my favorite thing about my garage transformation. It’s clear of clutter, and everything has its place. Now that it’s complete, I’m more eager to get out in the garage and start new projects. I’m also more likely just to sit out in the garage, have a beer and enjoy a job well done!

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