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No More Hunting Around: How One Family Tackles Outdoor Gear Organization

By Gladiator Contributor Brian T.: hunter, fisher, family man




As a family who spends most of our time outside together, we love to hunt, fish, and explore the woods and open water. My teenaged son and daughter also play sports year-round. With so much recreational and hunting equipment piling up around the house, finding and sorting through our gear started to become a hassle. We stowed everything away inside cabinets and storage rooms, but I wanted to make these items more accessible to everyone in the family.


Ready, Aim, Organize

With GearWall® Panels, shelving, baskets and hooks, I set up a wall that displays our recreational and hunting gear where we can see and reach all of it quickly — from fishing poles and kayaks to coolers and camping gear. It’s so much easier to grab what we need without digging through unorganized piles.




I also hung up my landscaping and lawn equipment in another room. My ladder, wheelbarrow, hoses and other supplies all hang up on the wall for easy access. Now, I can organize way more in this room than I could before. Also, my new Gladiator® workbench gives me the perfect place to work on projects whenever I want.



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