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Craft Room by Day, Guest Room by Night

By Gladiator Contributor Sukee K.: retired grandmother, avid crafter, gracious hostess


For more years than I can count, I’ve always dreamed of designing two new rooms in my home: one gorgeous guest bedroom for visiting family and friends, and another room for all of my creative projects. I had always imagined these as separate spaces, but when my youngest moved out, I realized I could combine these two dreams of mine into one beautiful, practical reality.


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I searched Pinterest for inspiration and loved looking at the bright, open spaces, but what I really needed was a solution that offered discreet craft storage with easy accessibility.


Before, this room featured outdated paint colors and the ugliest curtains. The room also had of a bunch of random furniture that didn’t seem to belong anywhere else in the house.



My husband gladly gave me full creative reign over this space. From the modern deer head décor to the feminine headboard, this room looks so much more cohesive than before. The sparkling gold accents also make my heart feel warm and happy.



Best of all, I have a dedicated craft space! I donated the mismatched furniture and painted the room a beautiful slate gray. I thought about waiting for my husband to come back from his fishing trip, but I got too excited and ended up redoing the room all on my own! Hey, he did say I had full creative reign. Naturally, he loved the results.



My set of 5-Drawer Modular GearDrawers rolls out from under the 6′ Adjustable Height Bamboo Workbench with ease, giving me ample crafting space. My corkboard helps me visualize my favorite Pins, and the file baskets are perfect for storing works in progress, like knitting projects or handmade cards.



The gray and white Gladiator® cabinets already fit my color scheme perfectly, but I just had to add a few finishing touches. There really is no such thing as too much bling.



Decorating these drawers couldn’t be easier. I simply popped out the handles of my Ready-To-Assemble 3-Drawer Modular GearBox in Slate Finish and sprayed them gold. To complete the design, I outlined each drawer with gorgeous gold washi tape. Look at that shine!



I followed the same process with my 5-Drawer Modular GearDrawers and even added white duct tape to the wheels. I love how the gold detailing complements the drawers’ gray, silver and wooden tones.



Now I have great access to my entire collection of crafting supplies. There’s a drawer for each creative adventure. My stamps, ribbons, fabric-covered buttons, cutting tools, glue, tape and multitudes of jewelry-making supplies all have their own designated spot. It’s pretty fantastic! I also love that I can lock these babies up when my grandkids are in town. Gotta keep their little fingers safe (and out of my supplies).



My craft supplies used to live in individual plastic boxes, which proved to be a real pain. Anytime I wanted to create something new, it required a certain amount of time and energy I couldn’t always give. I had to dig through each box to find what I needed, and I often ended up taking over the entire kitchen or dining room as I fiddled with my project — all while knowing (and dreading) the fact that I’d have to clear everything away before the next meal. In fact, as soon as I finished moving my supplies to the new crafting space, I quickly whipped up this sign to celebrate. Now it’s official: this project is complete!



Now I have so much space that some of the drawers are actually empty. It’s a miracle. I almost don’t know what to do with myself…just kidding. Time to pick up a new craft!

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