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Family on the Move Organizes Their New Garage

By Gladiator Contributor Cullen: husband, father, outdoor enthusiast


A Family on the Move

After spending all day in an office, my wife and I are always on the lookout for ways to stay active. It helps that our two boys constantly keep us on our feet. We love going out and spending time as a family, whether we’re cheering the boys on at hockey games, hiking the day away or hosting cookouts in the backyard of our new house.

When we first scoped out the house, the garage space immediately drew us in. The house features two garages, one attached and one detached. We saw so much potential in these spaces, excited to use them as recreational areas as well as efficient storage space. We just needed to figure out how to organize our bulkier power tools in addition to my full-sized SUV and four-passenger UTV, not to mention various yard tools and cleaning supplies.


Two Garages, Infinite Possibilities

In the attached garage, we started off with a few GearTrack® Channels and the Accessory Starter Kit Deluxe. The kit’s assortment of hooks, baskets and bins made it easy for us to arrange smaller yard and cleaning equipment, leaving more than enough room in the garage to store the lawn mower, pressure sprayer and blowers.

Some of the products we use also work really well in slightly less conventional ways. We use the 30″ Shoe Rack to store our hats, but the rack’s also useful for holding our groceries as we unload the cars. If we ever get caught outside in a rainstorm or have chunks of snow melting through our gloves and hats, we use the 18″ Wire Basket as a makeshift drying rack.

In the detached garage, I wanted to store outdoor furniture and athletic gear while keeping the floor space open. I installed GearTrack® Channels and outfitted them with various hooks to hold outdoor seating and sports equipment. The Ball Caddies work great for our footballs, basketballs and hockey sticks, and an 18″ Wire Basket holds smaller balls that would otherwise roll through and fall out of a caddy. A freestanding Extra Large GearBox and a 48″ Rack Shelf work well for additional outdoor and sports equipment.

With everything organized and off the floor, we enjoy using the extra space to shoot hoops. We have our stereo sitting on a 24″ Wire Shelf, so we can listen to music whenever we play games or work on projects in the garage.


Organized as a Family

Mindy and I love that we have more control of our space. We’re excited to explore new flooring options and possibly add a Premier Tall GearLocker to the mix. Gladiator® products come to us well made and ready to use, so we can’t wait to see how new additions will look and function in our space.

The boys and I had a blast setting up Gladiator® products in each garage. Because the kids helped me out throughout the installation process, they continue to take a lot of pride in our new space, always eager to keep it clean and organized. Maintaining the garage doesn’t feel like a chore when the whole family enjoys it together.


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