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Laundry Room Organization: Mission Possible with Gladiator®

By Gladiator Contributor Nam P.: dad, fix-it guy, DIYer

Gladiator brand compensated the contributor of this post, but this post represents the contributor’s own opinion.

You know how this story goes. The clutter starts small — maybe a pile of tools here, a collection of extra cleaning supplies there. You get married. And the mess grows.

Then a baby girl comes along. And then another. You can’t fathom how two tiny humans require so much stuff! The mess doubles, triples — seems to expand exponentially in front of your eyes. For those of you with kids, you understand that none of this is hyperbole. It was my family’s life.

Forget a junk drawer. We needed a junk room. And even that was not enough. The laundry room doubled as our storage room. It was small, outdated and outmoded, with monstrous cabinets that encroached on the already cramped space. Every inch left overflowed with odds, ends and spare parts that we didn’t want in view in the house.


Finally, we had no choice but to tame the mess — or never be able to find anything again. So we enlisted the help of Gladiator, just in the nick of time.


The Mission

This was do or die, mission impossible, and there were three objectives:

  1. Maximize space while maintaining storage capacity.
  2. Transform the laundry room into a space where we could actually do laundry-related activities like clothes folding and ironing.
  3. Organize the tools and supplies so everything was easily accessible.

Easier said than done, my friends, easier said than done. But Gladiator brand offers extraordinary organization solutions.  


The Gear

First: gear up. We decided on the Adjustable Height Bamboo Workbench, which gave us a spacious surface for folding clothes. (Suddenly laundry day is exciting…hey, we don’t get out much these days.)

As a DIY mechanic, I collect tools like women collect shoes. Those found a home in the Full-Door GearBox and 5-Drawer Modular GearDrawer, which were also just the right place for other commonly used household items. Because Gladiator products are made for one another, the GearBox and GearDrawer fit snugly underneath the workbench, which maximized storage capacity without sacrificing precious space.


We used the Premier Series Wall GearBox to store dangerous tools and supplies like wall paint, and hung it out of reach of little hands.

But the piece that was the real hero in revamping the room was the GearWall® Panels. We could display what we needed without making the room feel smaller. Better yet, the removable hooks allowed us to customize the wall to fit our seasonal needs. Need to hang winter jackets? Just add a hook!  


The Execution

The prospect of this project felt daunting — like secret spy mission daunting — but Gladiator brand products made it a breeze. And if you’re armed with these tips, you’ll be closing the file on your own mission (should you choose to accept it) in no time.

Covert Tip #1: Plan. What’s a government operative without his mission briefing? Measure everything (height, width and depth), and make sure to account for the layout of the room, especially when it’s a small space like ours.

Covert Tip #2: Notice Details. This may sound obvious, but it’s important to keep track of the tiny parts and pieces that come with your purchases. Ensure you have a designated place to store your products and all their little accessories during the installation process.      

Covert Tip #3: Come Armed. Don’t waste time running to the hardware store. Double-check that you have all the necessary tools (including something to cut GearWall® Panels to fit) before your products arrive. And always use a level when hanging equipment! For even greater accuracy, employ string to evenly align your screws to the GearWall® Panels.


The Payoff

Before the renovation, the laundry room was barely functional, let alone a place where we actually wanted to spend time. But now we find ourselves more and more often in this room, taking on crafts, tinkering with projects (especially when it’s too cold for mechanic-ing in the garage).


There’s no more frenetic digging through drawers, boxes and out-of-reach shelves. Everything is exactly where it should be — and right at our fingertips. Gladiator didn’t allow us to free just the floor, but to free our lives. We’ve reclaimed our time, rearranged our priorities and pursued what really matters. Now that’s mission impossible. 

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