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The Neighborhood Entertainment Center

By Gladiator Contributor Jeff K.: dad, homeowner, community builder

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Friends, family, neighbors — everyone loved hanging out at our old house. My wife, Michelle, and I had remodeled the garage to make it feel more organized and efficient. Ultimately, we wanted to create a gathering space that appealed to kids and adults alike. With two little ones running around, we also prioritized having a safe, kid-friendly environment. For example, in our old garage, we stacked three Premier Series 24″ Wall GearBoxes to make sure our tools and supplies were secure. Our kids could easily access their toys in the bottom GearBox, while we locked the two upper GearBoxes for tools that could potentially be a little more dangerous.



Our garage was a huge selling point with our old house. When we moved, we wanted to finish our new garage with the same products that made our first place such a great hangout spot. Our garage in each home has always been open to the neighborhood — everyone’s always welcome. We love having guests over, hosting movie nights, tailgating and building up our community in any way we can.


In both garages, we outfitted our Adjustable Height 6 ft. Maple Workbench, the focal point of our garage design, with a Workbench Powerstrip. We bookended the bench with Jumbo GearBoxes, and we love how these pieces complement each other. The Premier Series Modular GearBox fits perfectly under the bench.



We love the Gladiator® pieces for their intended uses, but we’ve also come to love their versatility. When we host birthday parties, movie nights or tailgate parties, these products easily transform into food and drink stations. The powerstrip lets us plug in slow cookers, popcorn machines and anything else needed to make sure our guests are getting their fill and having a great time.


Our favorite accessories are the Clean-Up Caddy, Advanced Bike Storage v3.0, 24″ Mesh Basket and Ball Caddy, all of which help make the garage much more efficient and functional. It’s always a good idea to add additional GearWall® Panels or GearTrack® Channels to the wall system, which prevent items from getting the wall dirty while resting directly against it.



Before we made a single purchase, we headed over to the Gladiator® Inspiration & Planning page, browsing the galleries for inspirational ideas. The interactive Design Studio also let us visualize our space beforehand, helping us chalk out an outline of our design. Planning ahead with these steps in mind guaranteed that we chose the right products for our garage space, giving us the confidence we needed to complete our project exactly the way we wanted to. We couldn’t be happier with the way everything turned out. And now that the garage is finished, we can’t wait to incorporate Gladiator® products in our laundry room.



When we have guests over, they’re always amazed at how functional and organized the garage is. Every item has a home. Friends tell us that our garage seems more like a large, outside living room. We’re always flattered to hear these compliments, but ultimately, all we really want is a space to bring friends, family and neighbors together. At the end of the day, I’m proud to say that we’ve accomplished all this and more.


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