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New Garage, New Possibilities in Charlotte, NC

By Gladiator Contributor Larry B.: husband, hobbyist, auto enthusiast



This is our first single-family home, complete with an oversized 2-car garage and a longer 1-car garage, totaling over 1,000 square feet. Construction started in early April 2016 and finished in late August. We epoxied the floors and installed our Gladiator® products by early October.



Shortly after breaking ground in April, we started planning out our new garage spaces. The garage acts as an extension of the house. It’s not just a place to store the garbage can and lawn mower. My family enjoys hanging out and spending quality time together in the garage. In the 2-car garage, I knew I wanted to create separate areas for the motorcycle and car while also enhancing the space to make it more welcoming.



To keep my items off the floor, I wanted cabinets to store detailing products and motorcycle accessories. I get the most use out of my Extra Large GearBox and 10-Drawer 52″ Base Tool Chest, my two favorite Gladiator® products. These Gladiator® solutions let me keep my 2-car garage as clutter-free as possible.



I already owned a few Gladiator® pieces, but I needed to figure out which additional storage items would work best with my space. Ultimately, I wanted to store my motorcycle trailer, spare car tires and lawn tools in our 1-car garage. I’m just a hobbyist, but I enjoy having everything in its place. Who doesn’t like the clean, sleek look of a well-organized garage?


In the 1-car garage, I wanted to keep it simple. I installed an 18-foot strip of GearTrack® Channels to hang lawn tools. Later on, we want to make full use of our 10-foot ceilings. I plan to install two 45″ GearLoft™ Shelves higher up on the wall for additional storage.



Some may think it’s weird that I spend so much time in my garage, but my family and I don’t see it that way. As a car enthusiast, having an organized garage makes it so much easier to do the work I’m passionate about. The garage also provides another place to bring the family together.

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