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Garage Makeover: Starting Fresh

By Gladiator Contributor Nam P.: dad, fix-it guy, DIYer

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When my wife and I purchased our new house, the two-car garage looked plain and unfinished. It featured a very basic storage system, which we inherited from the previous owners. We had no idea what to do with the space, so using the existing system didn’t seem like such a bad idea.

As we began to accumulate more supplies and tools, we soon found out that dumping everything everywhere wasn’t going to work out in the long run. Our shelf space shrunk as we tried to ignore the growing mess. Out of sight, out of mind…until things started spilling out onto the garage floor.


We wanted to start fresh. After removing all of the shelves and old drywall, we insulated the garage, threw new drywall over the studs and splashed a bright coat of paint on the walls to give the garage some much-needed life.


As a DIY mechanic, I wanted an organized space to store common car maintenance tools for easy access. I also wanted to install a workbench for projects I could tinker with in warmer weather. I focused most of my attention on flexibility and efficient use of space. The GearTrack® system and 48” GearLoft™ Shelf allow us to store supplies we don’t often use, keeping them out of sight but still easily accessible. This way, I can grab whatever I need whenever I need it.


Starting with the GearWall® system, I created the foundation of my workspace with red Premier Series 24” Wall GearBoxes, 30” Solid Shelves and Small Item Bins for car tools, house screws, nails, small trinkets and other necessities. The GearWall® system allows us to start work quicker and makes putting everything away a breeze. Now we have much more motivation to get things done. Beneath this system, I set up an Adjustable Height 6 ft. Hardwood Workbench and a red Premier Series Modular GearDrawer for my main workspace area. This past summer, I developed a strong interest in woodworking, but I didn’t really have the space to pursue it. Now my remade garage space has opened up that possibility.


The coolest part about GearTrack® Channels is their versatility. I have the ability to place hooks wherever I want, which will really help as the seasons change. We utilize different tools for different seasons. Once the spring and summer months roll around, we’ll have our shovel, bypass lopper and mattock within easy reach. We have our heavy-duty shovels on the wall, ready to combat the snow.


Our kids love the space as well. My wife and I wanted to make this space usable for the whole family, so we put up hooks for the strollers, 18” Wire Baskets for my daughters’ toys and 30″ Shoe Racks for everyone’s footwear. Our kids loved helping out where they could as I worked on the garage. They’re just as excited to help with our kitchen updates and shed overhaul once it warms up outside.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind before you begin your own garage transformation: Make sure you have an extra pair of hands to help you hold the GearTrack® Channels and keep them level. Also, check for obstructions beforehand, including electrical outlets. Take into account the space your car(s) occupy, making sure your doors can open freely once you’ve installed your new Gladiator® products.


The garage feels so much more comfortable — it’s not just for storing cars anymore. As a DIY enthusiast, I’ve learned so much by transforming my family’s garage. Before this project, I never gave the garage much thought. This opportunity has really challenged me to improve my home, pushing me to build a strong foundation for my family’s future.

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  • Donald Johnson

    I sure could use a make over like this. Love the cabinets & work bench.

  • David Piwowarczyk

    let the $3,000 garage makeover be mine as the contest winner

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