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Garage Makeover: New Spouse, New House

By Gladiator Contributor Megan H.: newlywed, DIYer, puppy mama

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This year has been a complete whirlwind, barely giving me enough time to catch my breath. When my husband and I bought our house last summer, we had big plans for our new space. I couldn’t wait to start decorating and making our home feel as warm and welcoming as possible. As a previously foreclosed property, our house needed lots of love and repair…but with our wedding in the works, we just didn’t have the time, budget or motivation to get organized the way we wanted to. Instead, we focused most of our attention on urgent household fixes, which left everything else on the back burner. Not surprisingly, our garage turned into our designated storage spot. In other words: Huge. Mess. Alert.

Everyday hardware, gardening tools, lawn care — we assumed all of our supplies were in the garage somewhere. Simple tasks like hanging a picture on the wall became such a hassle. We had no idea where we dumped any of our tools.

With our wedding right around the corner, we knew we needed to reclaim our space for a fresh start. My mental checklist grew so cluttered that I knew I needed a functional, organized area that let me think clearly for once. We ultimately chose easy-to-install Gladiator® products, creating all the extra storage space we needed. I love our new Storage Bench, which now houses my husband’s gym shoes and work boots. Now that his shoes aren’t lying around everywhere, the garage honestly feels much safer. This is now a no-tripping zone.

I also love our new Adjustable Height 6 ft. Hardwood Workbench, which is the perfect place for potting flowers. I’ve tackled so many more DIY projects with this space, in addition to wrapping my bridal party presents.

For extra storage above the workbench and storage bench, we installed GearTrack® Channels to hang 18” Wire Baskets for sports equipment and workout gear. Our dog, Ivy, even gets a basket for her collar, leash, water bowls and tennis balls. With all this extra space, we’ve freed up the pantry for items that actually belong in the kitchen. Hello, new spice rack!

Newbie installation tip: Take a long level and pencil in a line that spans the whole width of two GearTrack® Channels. Use a stud finder to make sure your tracks are secured to the wall, set perfectly straight and matched evenly with the other channels. Piece of cake!

Now we can finally navigate our garage without a problem. My mental checklist continues to grow, but I feel more than ready to tackle new projects ahead. Our laundry room, guest bathroom, front room and two spare bedrooms could go for a little sprucing up. We’ll also start working on our landscaping, which will be so much easier now that we actually know where our yard tools are stowed away. We want to focus on creating a peaceful backyard space, where my husband, Ivy and I will be able to relax and enjoy those long, warm summer nights that I’m really beginning to miss right about now.

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