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Free Space: Storage Room Restoration

By Gladiator Contributor Karen B.: empty nester, aspiring gardener, project lover

Free Space: Storage Room Restoration

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The little room beneath our staircase has always been an awkward space to work with. As the only designated storage space in the house, the room eventually turned into the family’s personal mini-landfill. It took us forever to sort through the mountain of boxes. And one wall of the storage room was basically just a large, bulky sliding door. Our kids took most of their belongings when they moved out, but the house still felt fairly stuffed. It was time for a storage room restoration.


Storage Room Restoration: Before
It took us awhile to come up with a plan, but my husband and I finally figured out how to maximize the space beneath the staircase. To start things off, we removed the sliding doors in order to bump the entire wall out by about 30 inches. This gave us a large, solid surface for a
GearWall® Panel system and a 60″ Rack Shelf. We installed a smaller doorway on the adjacent wall facing the hallway. This created a much more usable space in the room outside the storage area and allowed us to move furniture around with more freedom.


Storage Room Restoration Diagram


Fortunately, we realized that the plastic bins we’d already been using fit perfectly on the rack shelves. The GearWall® system also provides great versatility for shelving and other storage solutions. I couldn’t believe how well everything fit behind the new door. We put up 24″ Mesh Baskets and Cradle Hooks to store small decorations and wreaths.


Storage Room Restoration: After

I love having a space for seasonal and decorative items. Now that everything has a proper place, it’s so much easier to switch things out. We don’t have to tunnel through mysterious boxes and piles of tangled decor anymore. Now we have a cozy little workspace beneath the staircase, complete with a
Premier Series Modular GearDrawer. It’s perfect for organizing wrapping paper and gifting supplies. I also set up a Mobile Workstation to create a larger work surface, which can be tucked away as needed.


Storage Room Restoration


I’m so excited to get my hands on all of my rediscovered gifting and crafting supplies! We’ve lived here for years, but it feels as if the last of our moving boxes are finally unpacked! It’s such a great feeling to start fresh in the comfort of our own home.

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