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Garage Remodel Project: Take the Tool Shed Out of the House

By Gladiator Contributor Kyrsten B.: newlywed, new homeowner, welcoming hostess

Garage Remodel ProjectGladiator brand compensated the contributor of You Can Take the Tool Shed Out of the House: Garage Remodel Project, but this post represents the contributor’s own opinion.



The cabinets that used to hang on our garage walls looked awfully nightmarish. Some of them dangled from a single nail, while others balanced on precariously stacked cinder blocks. It all seemed like a huge disaster waiting to topple over. I was not looking forward to cleaning up that mess. Also, these cabinets were completely unusable as storage units. As a result, my husband and I had to turn our spare bedroom into a makeshift tool shed — major bummer.


Garage Remodel Project: Before

Ever since we got married and moved into our new home, I could not wait to start having people over. I’d envisioned a whole string of dinner parties, tailgating events, movie marathoning get-togethers. With everything so disorganized, however, I never felt like our house was completely ready for entertaining guests. Before we could even think about installing a new organizational system, we had to deal with our electrical problems. Because of messed up wiring, we couldn’t even use the extra fridge we kept in the garage.


A few months ago, we finally decided to roll our sleeves up and do something about it by taking on a full garage remodel project. After we rewired the garage, we prepped the walls for installation, making room for our garbage and recycling bins and an old tool chest that belonged to my husband’s grandfather. For items like ladders, brooms, extension cords and smaller tools, we installed GearWall® Panels and GearTrack® Channels across each side wall. We also added 45″ GearLoft™ Shelves for things like coolers and paper goods.


Garage Remodel Project: Timelapse


We also have a space dedicated to sports equipment. There’s a Golf Caddy and a couple of Fishing Pole Holders hanging on the wall, along with a series of baskets and shelves for smaller equipment. My husband’s deeply in love with the caddy. He won’t stop talking about it! He also loves that his fishing gear finally has a place to live.


We picked up a few tips along the way to help you with your own garage remodeling project:

Tip #1: Save yourself some heartache by having a miter saw or jigsaw on hand. If you need your GearWall® Panels to fit smaller spaces, you can easily adjust them for a perfect fit.

Tip #2: If you also have to install new drywall, mark the floor with painter’s tape to indicate the location of each stud. This helped us install both the drywall and the GearWall® Panels.


Garage Remodel Project: In Progress


Both of us are excited to start working on new projects on our Adjustable Height 8 ft. Hardwood Workbench. Now that all of our tools are organized and easily accessible, future projects seem a lot less daunting when there’s such a great organizational system in place.


Garage Remodel Project: After

Now that we have so much additional space, my husband and I can’t wait to have guests over. And since we emptied the spare bedroom of tools that shouldn’t have been there in the first place, we can finally start painting and decorating to use it as an actual guest room. It just wouldn’t feel right to enjoy all of this by ourselves.


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