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Shed Makeover: New Ways to Organize and Grow

By Gladiator Contributor Karen B.:  empty nester, aspiring gardener, project lover

Garden Shed Makeover Exterior

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When our youngest moved out of the house last summer, my husband and I decided to undertake a shed makeover. At first, we focused on two of the walls and the roof, which seemed straightforward enough. Some re-paneling here, a few new shingles there. Done. Opening the shed and facing its contents felt a little more daunting.


We managed to install a pegboard but didn’t bother getting any of the hooks or accessories necessary to make it actually usable. We didn’t know where to start. It felt so strange having to rebuild and reorganize after years of growing, raising, settling a family. It’s not like we were completely renovating the house or repurposing the kids’ old bedrooms. It was just a shed — but still. There was a lot we had to dig through and dig up by starting this process. I don’t think we were ready to follow through with it at the time.


Garden Shed Makeover Before


A year passed without making much progress on the shed’s interior. My husband always had trouble finding the tools he needed for yard work. Plus, my interest in gardening waned every time I thought about opening the shed doors. The previous owners of this house were great gardeners. They tended the most beautiful assortment of flowers I’d ever seen. It’s been years since our yard grew anything you’d want to cut and put in a vase! About a month ago, I finally decided that we needed to fix this.


Our main goal: get organized. Easy access makes for less stress, or so I kept telling myself as I waded through our mess of lawn and garden tools. First, we set up Premier Series Tall GearBoxes to lock up fertilizer, weed spray and other chemicals, among the hoards of tools we never knew we owned. Having a GearWall® Panels system offers the exact kind of easy versatility I’d been dreaming of.


Garden Shed Makeover

We also wanted to invest in a worktable for future planting and gardening experiments, which is where the Adjustable Height 8 ft. Hardwood Workbench comes in. This workbench features Premier Series Modular GearBoxes and GearDrawers that slide underneath. It provides lots of storage space for our growing collection of yard tools.


Garden Shed Makeover


Once we finish with the shed makeover, we want to put in new landscaping all around our house. We’ll start off by removing the unidentifiable, overgrown bushes in our yard, replacing them with something simple and easy to maintain. Maybe one day we’ll even consider rebuilding the deck. Dream big, right?


Garden Shed Makeover After

My husband takes care of the lawn on a weekly basis now that everything’s been installed. I love how clean and organized it all looks. My husband looked around after everything was put away and kept saying things like, “We have a sprinkler?” and “Where did you find that hose?” Nowadays, my husband mows the lawn in half the time he took a month ago, but he ends up staying outside twice as long as before. He has so much fun tinkering with our newly discovered tools and supplies.


Garden Shed Makeover

And of course, I also love the gardening space we’ve created. We’ll begin planting in the spring. I’ve never been more ready.

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