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A Forever Home Gets Organized From the Ground Up

By Gladiator Contributor Renee M.: working mom of two, craft lover, forever home owner

garage flooring

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At some point, we just kind of accepted the perpetual griminess of our socks and feet. Gross, I know. But who has time to think about garage flooring when there’s birthday cakes to frost, school buses to catch and family gatherings to plan?


forever home


Recently, though, after a few moments of deep, soul-searching reflection (and discovering one too many holes in our dwindling supply of socks), we finally decided to look into viable flooring solutions.


We knew immediately what kind we wanted: visually pleasing, kid friendly and easy to install. Nothing too fancy, really. We didn’t have time for yet another elaborate project. At first, we considered using an epoxy coat, but that would’ve been too much of a hassle. Not my style. Gladiator® flooring was a no-brainer.


garage flooring


One of the nice things about Gladiator brand is that they allow you to purchase flooring in two ways: as individual tiles or as packs of four. The packs come preassembled, which can be a HUGE time-saver. Before, it took an hour to install a small area with the individual tiles. The preassembled Silver and Charcoal Tiles cut it down to 15 minutes. Definitely my style.


garage flooring


We found that cutting the tiles down using a jigsaw with a plexiglass jigsaw blade worked well. After cutting, we lightly sanded the edges with a low-grit sanding block for a clean, finished edge.


garage flooring

The area closest to the house is raised, so we had to figure out how to install flooring in a way that made the two different levels look as continuous and seamless as possible. We experimented with a few different methods, but in the end, we decided to paint the front edge and are thrilled with the way it turned out. We matched the color to the dark gray tile, which gave everything a nice, clean finish.


garage flooring


Even though Gladiator flooring features a slightly higher price tag, it more than makes up for it with the product’s durability and design options. It also looks pretty darn nice.


garage flooring


Our garage is still a work in progress, but we can already walk out onto the platform without shoes on.


garage flooring


To be honest, we’ve kind of caught the home-improvement bug. I’ve already started a checklist. So many projects to accomplish, one (clean) step at a time.


garage flooring



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