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Mount Shoeverest Surmounted with Gladiator® Shoe Storage

By Gladiator Contributor Renee M.: working mom of two, craft lover, forever home owner


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Ah, yes, the ideal forever home. I had it all mapped out in my head. Luscious green lawn, hand-carved dining chairs, thrifted wall art, plants everywhere. What I didn’t imagine was this eyesore of a shoe rack mounted on our garage wall, which came with the house when we moved in. Who knew two little girls came with so many shoes? Boots, flip-flops, heels, skates, shoes for school, shoes for play, shoes for clutter…And as the girls grow, so do the piles of infamous footwear. I miss their onesie days.

I know a forever home takes a lot of work and a ton of compromise, so I tried to like the wall-mounted shoe rack, I really did. But as soon as my husband and I heard about GearWall® Panels from a friend, any feeling of goodwill I’d been harboring for that thing quickly vanished. I needed change, and I needed it now.

Talk about a transformation! I can’t stop taking pictures of our new and improved 30” Shoe Racks.


The wall is right next to our indoor garage entrance, so we had to leave a little room for the door. With this in mind, we used smaller J & L Hooks, Small Item Bins and 18” Wire Baskets to store items like sunglasses and the kids’ binoculars. Besides the self-multiplying footwear, we’ve been able to organize backpacks, toys and everything in between. The space doesn’t feel cluttered at all.


I love that the Ball Caddy keeps everything contained. I’m no longer tripping over balls rolling out of cabinets, and it’s saved us a ton of valuable storage space, almost two cabinets worth! Another nice thing about the baskets and racks, big or small, is that they’re sturdy and a cinch to clean, which is a lifesaver for our family. We’re not the kind of people to notice small, inconsequential messes…until it becomes too late. Because of our moody four-season climate, we tend to track in mini natural disasters from the outside world. Sandy flip-flops, muddy rain boots and slushy snow boots are all nonissues now. This is the closest I’ve been to achieving inner peace.

A handy note: When you’re planning out your GearTrack® Channel purchases, buy a few more items than you think you’re going to use. Save yourself a lot of heartache and just return what you don’t need. If you’re like us, you’ll love your GearWall® so much that you’re going to install much more than originally planned. Next up on our list: the cabinet wall!


Here are a few things we learned as we installed:

The GearTrack® Channels were easy to cut. We used two different methods, and both worked well.

Saw 1: Jigsaw with a plexiglass jigsaw blade

Saw 2: Fein Multimaster Tool with a metal/universal blade

Cut with the “good side” facing down so that any marks that might show up during the cutting process stay hidden.




The GearWall® system was easy to install. We thought it would take two people, but my hubby was able to tackle it all on his own.



Our forever home is forever expanding; we just have to push through the growing pains. At least now we’re so much better at dealing with the fallout thanks to Gladiator shoe storage. Stay in your baskets, you shoeligans!

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