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Storage-Challenged Young Couple Make Room for Baby B.

By Gladiator Contributor JoAnna Y.: designer, over-the-moon new mom and new homeowner



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Being expectant parents as well as new homeowners, we realized that houses fill up quickly. Our first project for our new home was the nursery. Once we got that baby-ready and picture-perfect, we set our sights on to garage organization. Strollers, baby toys and extra car seats are going to be filling our 2-car (more like 1-3⁄4-car) garage before we know it! We realized that getting this under control would help minimize the stress over where to store all the stuff we were acquiring on what felt like a daily basis!


When we moved into the house it was both a blessing and a curse that the garage was completely empty. Initially, we had a blank canvas, but nowhere to put anything. We were storing tools on shoddy shelving, which makes for a VERY disorganized area, and it was pretty cumbersome. The hammer rarely made it into the same spot, the nails didn’t have a home (I don’t know how many times we swept them up) and we’re still looking for that other tape measure! Pair that with the leaf blower and the 4 tool sets my parents bought for my husband – it was all a little overwhelming.




Because my husband is a very busy corporate chef, I find our garage becoming the home to many food samples that get thrown to the wayside. (What’s that smell?… Did something spill!?!?) These food samples, along with excess pots, pans, portable burners and many other chef-related things also added to the clutter.


We needed a better solution for our garage organization. Gladiator brand to the rescue. The GearTrack® Channels paired with the mounting hooks will make a great storage area for the new stroller and is already a great place for the bike. The 24″ Mesh Basket and Ball Caddy are set to provide useful storage for some of the baby’s new items as well.




With the baby’s stuff squared away, we could tackle other organizational challenges. Priority number one: a new Adjustable Height 8 ft. Hardwood Workbench. Now Paul finally has a place to do his “tinkering” as well as a place to put his tools with the Premier Series Modular GearBox and GearDrawer that fit so perfectly under the workbench.




The Extra Large GearBox has really helped with Paul’s chef gear, giving us enough space to store dry product.




The GearTrack® Channels also provide a lot of versatility. We have been able to mix and match our garage organization pieces to hold our gardening equipment.




We also installed the Golf Caddy30″ Shoe Racks and 24″ Mesh Basket to organize our sporting equipment. I love that the product is lightweight but still super sturdy.




Every time we walk into the garage, it’s like walking into it for the first time. We love the space! Our new garage organization lets us feel like we can breathe. There’s finally a place for everything. And now that our baby girl has arrived, her stuff IS in fact filling up our house. We are so happy we have an organized garage to store it all!


Baby loves the new garage organization!

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