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How Back to School Changes Your Home

Fall, and the return to school, doesn’t just change your family’s routines. It changes your family’s spaces.

Your home is transformed:

• Your garage seems to reshuffle itself. Rakes migrate toward the doorway area, while the beach bag is buried in the background. Workbenches where Dad tacked DIY challenges are now covered with school projects.

• Your entryway becomes a landing zone for backpacks, lunchboxes, and show-and- tell treasures. If your kids are into music or sports, all sorts of extra gear makes its way on to the pile.

• Your kitchen table becomes a homework station, or your basement is transformed into a study hall – or an escape-from-study hall.

Back to school organization for your home is a balancing act, and the center of gravity keeps moving. Across the seasons and over the years, your family’s activities and priorities shift. The back-to-school change is one big and obvious one, but really, change is always in progress.

What your family needs to have in reach – and who can reach how high – will never be the same from season to season.

That’s why, at Gladiator, we create modular storage solutions. Pieces that can be moved, mixed, and matched to keep up with your family’s needs:

Boy with backpack walking home, toward open garage

GearBoxes that can become gardening supply closets, at-home lockers for the kids, or media storage cabinets in the rec room.

GearWall systems that let you move coat hooks to where little arms can reach them, and gardening shears to where they can’t.

Adjustable-height workbenches that are tough enough for any project, but good- looking enough to go anywhere in the home.

By adapting modular storage to your needs, you can prevent the pile-ups that happen when seasons change. You’ll be able to find everything you’ll ever need, and to reach what you need now. That kind of organization saves time and creates space for you and your family, across the seasons.

How do you adapt your home to changing needs? Share your ideas with the Gladiator community on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.

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