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5 Products for a TV-Ready Garage

By now you should know that the garage is for much more than just parking your car.

It can be your main party space for summer get-togethers, great storage for all your sports, camping or fishing equipment, or a dedicated workstation for your hobbies. The garage can even become a personal home gym, like Fix It & Finish It guests Casey and Marissa dreamed of.

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Fix It & Finish It is the show that overhauls one space in one home every day! Homeowners make their case for why they desperately need a renovation before DIY expert, Antonio Sabato Jr., and his team, surprise them and make their dreams come true all in one day. And Gladiator brand was proud to be able to contribute our durable, high-quality storage systems.

Fitness enthusiasts Casey and Marissa were able to have a completely refurbished gym thanks to a few select products below, and of course Antonio and his team. There was even help from Roman Harper of the Carolina Panthers, who stopped by to lend a hand and talk about his organization Harpers Hope 41.

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Like what you see? Then get ready to transform your garage with these select Gladiator products.

1 Wall GearBox stores paint cans, pots and anything else you need.

2 GearWall® Panels provide heavy-duty dependability.

3 Modular GearBox gives every tool a place of it’s own.

4 Tall GearBox fits tall items like coats, hockey sticks and more.

5 Floor Tiling provides a more stylish floor protection solution.


Go on and get organized!

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