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Celebrating Earth Day in Your Garage

Better organization means less waste. It’s that simple.

If you want to make a difference this Earth Day, start with what’s probably the most disorganized room in your home: the garage.

A cluttered garage makes finding your things inconvenient, awkward, and sometimes, downright gross. This leads to a lot of wasteful purchasing.

How many times have you bought a new bottle of weed killer, a new can of paint thinner, or a new tub of car wax because you couldn’t find the one you already have in your garage? Or didn’t even want to look for it? You grabbed a new one off the shelf at the store, knowing that the old stuff was hidden up in some corner of your garage, out of reach, covered in dust and grime. If you managed to dislodge it from its spot, you’d knock over a dozen other things in the process.

This is how we end up over-buying all sorts of household goods, and accumulating so much household hazardous waste (HHW). Paint, cleaning products, batteries, pool chemicals, automotive fluids, pesticides…a lot of what we keep in our garage is potentially harmful to us, and to the environment.

So for your own sake, and for the earth, make a little time to go out to your garage and round up all those cleaning, gardening, painting, and automotive chemicals. Organize what you’re going to keep and use. Make it accessible to you, but out of children’s reach. Then take what’s left over to your local HHW recycling center, and dispose of it safely.

Do you have tips for staying organized, and cutting down on household hazardous waste? Share with us on Facebook, on Twitter, or by leaving a  comment here at the Gladiator blog.


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