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Garage Gifts for Dad

Dads. Easy to love. Not so easy to shop for.

On the hunt for the perfect holiday gift for the dads in your life? We know, we know, they usually say, “Oh, I don’t need anything.”

But the reality is, every dad wants a gift he can truly use. A gift that can inspire him and maybe even up his man card. Here are some key statistics on common dad gifts. We made them up, but they’re still worth considering:

  • Sweaters. – 97% of dads do not actually need/want another sweater
  • Ties – 82% of dads do not appreciate your taste in ties
  • Mugs – 74% of dads have more mugs than they can fit in the kitchen cabinet
  • Gadgets – 87% of dads will not read the directions, 56% of dads will never even insert the batteries

gladiator product
So, what to buy for dad? Simple: garage stuff. Here are some can’t-miss garage gifts for dad:

  1. Garage Compactor – dads love smashing trash. Are we wrong?
  2. Tool-Free Rack Shelving – your dad can feel heroic when he builds this with his own hands – no other tools necessary. Each shelf holds 2,000 pounds – that’s dad-tough.
  3. Golf Caddy – give your dad the caddy you never were. The Gladiator caddy has room for two oversized golf bags, plus extra storage for golf balls and shoes.
  4. Tool Storage – whether your dad’s tool set is the envy of the neighborhood, or he tries to fix everything with his pocket knife, a Gladiator tool chest will take him to the next level.
  5. Workbench – woodworking, gardening, eating pizza out of the delivery box – all of these dad arts require a quality surface.

Looking for more ideas? Visit us at and we’ll hook you up.

Happy holidays to you and all the dads in your life. Share your gift-giving thoughts with the Gladiator® GarageWorks community here, on FacebookTwitter, or Google+.


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