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Transforming the Basement

Do you have a basement? Is it a space you enjoy spending time in?

For most homeowners, the basement is an underground version of their garage – a great big space that has a lot of potential. A great big space that, in reality, is nothing but overflow storage.

Chances are, your basement is big enough to store what needs storing, and to provide you extra living space as well. A beautiful basement isn’t just a home improvement – it’s a life improvement. It gives you more space to spend time with friends or family, to work on projects, or just to kick back and relax.

Are you ready to make the most of your basement’s potential? You can start the process right now:

1) Rethink your basement. What would you like it to be? A family room? A game room? A workspace? All of the above? Picture your basement, transformed into a place you’re proud of. That should give you motivation to move on to Step 2.

2) Whether you do it a box at a time over a few weeks, or tackle it all in one go, you need to sort through your basement treasures and decide what you can recycle, give away, or sell. Hint: it’s more than you think.

3) Once you can actually reach the walls, take measurements, so that you can plan storage and furnishings.

4) Design your space. A tool like Gladiator’s Design Studio makes it easy to channel your creativity into a great set of plans.

5) Remember that your storage should give you easy access to your things, and look good – you want to keep this space as visually appealing as any other room in your home.

6) Allow for more lighting fixtures here than upstairs. Make the most of natural light, too: avoid partition walls, and go for half-walls or moveable screens instead. Remove any doors that block the flow of natural light – or add windows to them.

7) With your junk cleared and your plans complete, you can go ahead and turn your basement into a living space you can enjoy and take pride in.

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  • Richard

    I have big dreams of fun, entertaining space, children’s rec., room, even a music studio to isolate my hobby from the rest of the world. The problem? Water; leaking & causing structural damage to one wall in particular; to the tune of approximately $18K. Any suggestions as to where & how to start?

  • Mark Grismanauskas

    Love my basement!

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