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Make Some Money, Make Some Space. Sounds Good to Us.

If you’re a Gladiator fan, you’ve known us to ask: “Keep it, cash it, can it?”  Well folks, “cash it” season is upon us. It’s that time of year when garage sale signs pop up like daisies, and people cash in on all kinds of clutter.

Sure, you can sell most things online these days.  But holding a garage sale means you get to take on a project as a family, spend extra time outside, and meet new people from your neighborhood. And it means you don’t have to worry about shipping items across the country to the highest bidder.

A garage sale also forces you to part with a decent amount of clutter.  As soon as you set a date for your sale, you have yourself a deadline. Now it’s time to round up enough old things to make your sale worth people’s while. A single card table with a few old knick-knacks on it isn’t going to draw the crowds.

So, make a sweep of the whole house and clear out everything that’s outgrown, outdated, or otherwise neglected. Someone else will get more use out of it than you do. And the space you create in your home will be even more valuable than the money you make on the sale.

A few tips:

  • Find out from your town hall if you need a license to hold a garage sale in your area.
  • Plan how you’re going to display your items. Round up tables (better yet, workbenches!) and a clothes rack ahead of time. Selling a lot of books and CDs? They’ll look more appealing in a bookcase than a box.
  • Make sure each item has its own price tag, since things have a way of migrating from the $10 table to the $1 table. You can buy pre-printed price stickers; use tie-on tags for items where stickers might do damage.
  • Don’t keep your cash in a cash box. Yes, at long last, it’s time to wear that fanny pack. Load it up with change and small bills before the early birds arrive.
  • After the sale, set aside a box to start saving items for next time. Collecting your things on an ongoing basis means they’re out of your way sooner, and that the next sale will be easier to plan.

Our very best advice? Enjoy the fun of your garage sale, and then enjoy the possibilities of space you’ve reclaimed.

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