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Yes, It’s Okay for Your Garage to Be a Garage

You start to think about doing some work on the garage, and the next thing you know, you’re online scrolling through picture after picture of garages that have been completely reinvented. What had been a dull, lifeless space is now an impossibly spotless workshop, a smart home office, a well-equipped gym, or a decked-out home theater.

Those images are inspiring, but they can be a little intimidating too. It’s fantastic that homeowners can look at their garages, see something utterly different, and make that transformation happen. But what if your garage goals aren’t quite so far out? What if you just want your garage to be a garage…but a better garage than it is today?

If you see your garage as a place where you park your vehicles, and keep tools and equipment, that’s not a failure to be imaginative. It’s a practical and intelligent use of the space.  It’s the very reason the garage was invented back in the day. And it’s why we still have them. The garage is an ideal area to park your cars and keep your stuff!

When we say “Rethink Your Garage,” that doesn’t mean you have to go out on a limb and rethink it into something very different and new. You can rethink it into the best possible version of what it already is. You can look at what’s become a catchall storage area and imagine a well-organized place where it’s easy to access things that are important to you and your family.

When you’ve imagined that better garage, you are on your way toward making it real. Take that inspiration and channel it into some dedicated de-cluttering. Then, when you know that the stuff you have in your garage is the stuff you want in your garage, you’ll know how much storage you need.  Which means you get to start choosing your storage solutions. And if you ask us, that’s where the excitement really begins.

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