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Organizing for Your Style

By Mari Abe


When it comes to organizing, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. Organization requires putting some thought into your lifestyle and habits as well as the size of your space and financial budgets. Of course, we’d all love a customized walk-in closet or fully-finished garage but that just may not be a realistic wish. Take it from someone who lives in New York City where a garage is as rare as a unicorn.

But that’s no reason to fret. I’ve taken matters into my own hands and created a bit of magic with the small space I do have. For example, I own a lot of handbags and shoes. Every time I go out, I have to pick the right handbag and perfect shoes to go with my outfits, something that takes some trial and error.  That meant that my handbags that are neatly stored under my bed, would end up all over my comforter. And shoes that are neatly placed in my closet shoe rack, would end up all over my tiny bedroom floor.

Until one day, I got sick of coming home to such a messy bedroom. Then, I realized it would make more sense to store my bags and shoes out by the front door. I got a low cabinet that would store my shoes, and placed bins on top to store my bags. Something that looks quite similar to the Gladiator Storage Bench, but a little smaller and taller.

With the new system, my bedroom doesn’t get cluttered every time I’m in a rush to go out. I can easily accessorize on my way out and also put away my bags and shoes as soon as I get home. It’s an organization system that works for me. Take some time in 2013 to think about your organization style, then tackle that makeover, renovation, clean-up or spruce-up.



Mari Abe is a PR specialist on Gladiator brand. Born in Tokyo, raised in California and now living in New York, she appreciates all sorts of cultures and loves to travel. When she’s not working or traveling, she loves to shop, play poker, watch sports and blog about food. She hopes to move out of Manhattan one day so she can own a house and outfit the garage with Gladiator brand products.

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