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Make More Room for Your Laundry Space

By Brooke Winebrenner


As January comes to a close, so does Get Organized Month (GO Month). Hopefully you’ve had the opportunity to tackle the critical areas throughout your home over the last few weeks – for me it was the living room and bedroom. However, I’m planning to use the last few days of GO month to focus on one of the most neglected areas of the home (second best to the garage): the laundry room.

I frequent the laundry room at least once per week, but it’s never to organize it. I’m usually required to focus on the task at hand – cleaning loads of laundry. But the time has come to develop an action plan to organize and design the laundry room in a way that’s both functional year-round and organized to help streamline the laundry process so I can get back to doing what’s most important – living!

See below for a laundry list of organizational tips for your laundry space:

  • Evaluate your surroundings– Look to the walls in your laundry room as an option to mount easy-to-install GearTrack channels and hooks to hang your laundry bags. The hooks can also double as a clothes line to hang clothes that need to air dry.
  • Create a dedicated folding area– If you struggle with the best place to fold loads of laundry like me, then the Adjustable Height Workbench is right up your alley.  I often retreat to the couch to fold, but quickly find I end up with a million folded piles all around the living room. By incorporating the Adjustable Height Workbench in the laundry room, you can create a useable folding station or assembly line. This ensures you have a dedicated space to quickly get in an out and avoid creating laundry mountain in other areas of the home.
  • Map out laundry zones–In need of a place to put your detergent or other  household cleaning items? The Gladiator brand Mesh baskets or GearBox cabinets allow you to easily stow items out of harms reach from young children. The Mesh baskets can also serve as another place to prep and organize laundry in zones such as delicate, heavy wash, etc.
  • Protect the Floor – We often forget about the wear and tear of the floor – I can be clumsy, so spills around the washing machine are never a rare occurrence. The Gladiator brand Floor pack is the perfect  solution if you’re looking for a sleek design, yet tough enough to protect your floors from accidental detergent spills. It can also help prevent your family from slipping on smooth surfaces.


Brooke Winebrenner is a PR pro on Gladiator brand. She’s native to Kentucky (no she never lived on a farm and she always has an extra pair of shoes handy), but currently calls New York City home. After two glamorous years of living in a cardboard box across the street from Madonna, she dreams of the day when she has her very own garage with all of the space she could ever need, want and hope for.

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