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‘Tis the Season to be Jolly, Merry and Organized?

By: Alicia Boltach, PR Pro

It’s that time of year again where the holiday tunes are in full swing, sale ads are popping up everywhere and the calendar is overflowing with ugly sweater holiday parties. Each year the holidays become more and more special to me as I get to re-live the excitement of Christmas with my two boys, ages four and two. However, working full-time and having my very active boys, gives me the greatest challenge/headache of all – finding the time to decorate!

Every year, I face the same situation – digging around in our basement attempting to find where I stashed the holiday decorations from the year before. Of course this happens all the while becoming a kung-fu ninja to fight off the spider webs that have surrounded themselves around my beloved ornaments, snowmen and lights.

This is why I made the pledge and told myself no more, and vowed to become organized. So my present to you this holiday is the gift of getting organized. When pulling out your holiday decorations, try to remember these tips and tricks to make the transition next year a bit easier:

• Pack it like a pro – when handling delicate ornaments, try using the same packaging the ornament came in. If you don’t have, store in an unused egg carton and store in a sturdy box.

• Wrap strands of lights around a piece of cardboard to minimize tangling.

• Take a picture of the contents of the box and place on outside of box. This will help you to remember, 1) What’s inside and 2) How to fit everything back into said box

• Put together a holiday tool kit filled with extra hooks, scissors, ribbons, spare light bulbs, etc. Label the box and store with your holiday decorations.

• Items that are displayed together should be stored together.

• For oddly shaped decorations – wreaths, plastic figures, etc. store in a zippered garment bag that may have come with a suit or dress.

• For those little ones who adamantly try to help, create a “safe” box with decorations that they may help with.

So go ahead and make the pledge this holiday season, to become organized and break the expectation from your family that you too will lose it when attempting to decorate. Do you have any helpful holiday organization tips to share? Leave a comment below!

About the author: Alicia is a Gladiator PR Pro who was raised in Dallas and has spent her teen and adult years in the Midwest, but is a southern Texan girl at heart. She is a wife, mommy of two boys, lover of Mexican food and a true believer that organization is key to keeping her boys in line. In her spare time she loves to spend time near the water – boating, swimming, sunbathing, and reminiscing of the times she spent in her garage roller skating as a kid aspiring to become the next Olympic gold medalist in figure skating.

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