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Indy Takeover Part 2: Organizing an Active Sports Family

By Matt Orlando, Brand Creative Writer

Active sports families are always on the go. Game to game, practice to practice. It’s never easy finding time to organize all of that equipment.

With four boys playing twelve sports divided between three schools, the Hernandez family of Indianapolis, is certainly an active family. The trouble is, the garage became a dumping ground for all the sports gear, golf clubs, sleds and bikes and at least eight basketballs.

We set them up with a professional organizer, a garage installer and a ton of Gladiator® products for the ultimate Sports Gear Takeover.

Before the Takeover:

As you can see, the Hernandez’s tried some storage options, but their garage remained unorganized.

This isn’t an uncommon problem. Most of us can relate to thinking we’ve found a storage solution, only to find out it’s not really a solution at all.

Notice the wooden shelving. It’s not really organizing anything, just a place to stack things. The plastic tubs keep things in one place, but aren’t very accessible. And that old refrigerator is not energy efficient or designed for the extreme garage environment.

After the Takeover:

On Saturday, we went in and put the finishing touches on what has become an incredible garage. A Chillerator® Garage Refrigerator to replace the old white refrigerator, new tile flooring in an awesome design, and most importantly, GearWall® panels with hooks and shelves to get everything on the walls. The Golf Caddy properly stores golf clubs and shoes and the GearLockers give the Hernandez boys a place to store sports equipment all season long. Mrs. Hernandez is thrilled to get the backpacks and shoes off the kitchen floor and into the lockers.


But it doesn’t stop there. The Ball Caddy easily holds multiple basketballs and soccer balls. Another great thing is the Fold-Away Workstation and GearDrawer. This gives Mom and Dad a place to do household projects while the boys are out shooting hoops in the driveway.


You don’t need to win a contest to get started. Pick one problem area at a time. Organizing a junk drawer, gardening area or hall closet is simple way to bring Gladiator brand into your home.

What do you think is the most impressive part of this Takeover?

About the Author: Matt Orlando is Gladiator brand’s creative writer. He hails from Texas and brings his own style of wit and grace, though most of us are still waiting to see either. Bear with him, he sees the world through kaleidoscope-colored glasses (well, contacts).

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