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A Fine Finish

By Blase Mnich, Interactive Brand Writer

With cars, tools and other common garage items covering it, it’s easy to overlook your garage floor. But just because you park your car on it, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t maintain it. Just like inside the house, a nicely finished floor out there makes a world of a difference in look and feel.

There are a couple of ways you can finish a garage floor, and a ton of reasons why you should. Epoxy finishes and garage floor tiles not only improve the look of the garage, but also protect it from deteriorating by the likes of stains, chips and other damage caused by everyday use.

If you’re a car guy, a finished garage floor is a necessity. I still have yet to do mine, but I’ve been planning on it for a while. I’ve considered the epoxy route, but the preparation and work involved seem a little overwhelming. I rather spend the time and effort working on my car than filling cracks, and chiseling and sanding the floor – all of which are required prior to applying the epoxy.


With garage floor tiles, there’s more math involved, but a lot less work than epoxy. You have to measure your space so you know how much material to get. After that, you just lay them down over your floor, no matter what shape it’s in, and snap them together. Voila, you got a new floor.

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Have you ever rolled around on a cold, hard garage floor underneath your car? The tiles not only maintain the floor and keep it looking nice, but they make working on the floor more comfortable. Working on floor tiles and cleaning them up is almost as easy as installing them, and ours look great. They come in different colors so you can create a custom look in your garage.

About the author: Blase Mnich is a full-time interactive copywriter and a part-time gearhead. When he’s not sitting at his desk, you may find him lying on the garage floor underneath his car tinkering away.

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