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Back to School, Back to Fall Sports

By Nick Light, Gladiator PR Pro

Something’s happening. The breeze feels different when I step out of the house in the morning. The leaves on the trees are less lush than last week. And I can see an autumnal excitement in both parents and children as everyone prepares for the last days of summer.

If you’re a parent, this feeling could be caused by the fact that “back to school” means back to the store for fall sports equipment shopping. I understand that kids outgrow or break old equipment, or the school soccer coach decides that this season’s jerseys are going to be Aquamarine instead of last season’s Robin’s egg blue. Regardless of the reason, you often need to buy new stuff.

But I don’t think it’s all bad. You have the excitement of watching your young family member slide/run all over his/her respective field to look forward to. And, by following these three simple tips, you can minimize the financial and mental stress of sports shopping for seasons to come.

1. Take inventory of items that can be used again this season. Unless they’re damaged, last season’s soccer balls and footballs can definitely be used again this season, especially for practices. For easy access and safe storage, try keeping balls in a Gladiator® Ball Caddy.

2. Plan where you’re going to keep new sports equipment. The garage is a good place to keep dirty cleats, pads, helmets and jerseys, but I don’t like staring at them when entering the house through the garage. Keep these items in a Gladiator® GearBox for an out-of sight, out-of-mind solution.

3. Create a sports zone in your garage. To eliminate toiling in search of sports equipment in the future, keep all sports-related items in one area of the garage. Not only will this help you when searching for sports equipment, it will prevent the otherwise-inevitable leakage of sports equipment into your gardening or woodworking areas.

Fear not, you soldiers of the sports slog. Here’s the best part: by organizing fall sports equipment, you’ve probably made serious progress in decluttering the rest of your garage. Congratulations, good luck this season, and enjoy the games.

Nick is a Gladiator PR guy who grew up in the Adirondack region of Northern New York State (Yes, people do live up there). In his off-time, he enjoys cycling and generally any activities on or near mountains or lakes. His secret superpower is that he can play many musical instruments, regardless of his proximity to a garage.

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