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Secrets to Summer Barbeque

By Matt Orlando, Brand Creative Writer

Ask any seasoned barbequer and they’ll let you in on a few secrets—charcoal trumps propane, woodchips equal smoky goodness and fire up the pit as early as possible.

Growing up in Texas, I’ve witnessed the preparation plans of many summer barbeques. Depending on the Grill Master, you’ll see the process vary between marinades and dry rubs or six kinds of meat and all-veggie kabobs (the latter being a little uncommon in Texas).

But we can all agree that nothing beats a slow-cooked Summer. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, someone is building a better burger somewhere. Even the medical community understands this. Recently, while informing me of upcoming cholesterol tests, my doctor said “The tests are set for this summer, but don’t skip barbeque season”. Well said doc, well said.

Ask any seasoned Gladiator® product owner and they’ll let you in on a secret—create a mobile grill station.

Store your oversized tongs, spatulas and brushes inside a Gladiator® GearDrawer. You could even store an extra bag of charcoal or two in the bottom drawer. Add a 27″ Maple Top to the GearDrawer and now you’ve got the perfect workstation to do any prep work. The heavy-duty casters give you the flexibility to move your grill station around the patio as you need it.

One more secret to keep in mind: The first barbeque samples are usually taste-tested by 10:30 a.m.

About the Author: Matt Orlando is Gladiator brand’s creative writer. He hails from Texas and brings his own style of wit and grace, though most of us are still waiting to see either. Bear with him, he sees the world through kaleidoscope-colored glasses (well, contacts).


Grill. Photo Credit: www.flickr.com/photos/jdtornow

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