Organizing for Families

Kid Friendly

By Heath Craven and Natalie Goveia

Recently, two members of the Gladiator team became first time parents. Our message about how to protect children from the scary things in the garage is something they both have had on their mind. We asked them both – from a new dad’s perspective and a new mom’s perspective – to write a blog about how their space will change as a new parent.


I recently became a father for the first time, and let me tell you, it is the best feeling in the world. My wife and I had a beautiful, healthy baby girl. But I’m finding fatherhood has given me a lot to think about:

How do you become a father overnight?

How do I raise a daughter?

How am I going to give my wife and my new daughter both 100% of my love?

Am I going to know how to protect her?

How much is this going to cost me?

When thinking about how to protect her, part of my focus was on the garage and other areas of the house that could be dangerous for my daughter. In the garage, the first thing that comes to mind is the chemicals. They range from turpentine to fertilizer and everything in between.

Even though my daughter isn’t walking or crawling yet, I still need to be thinking ahead. I just bought a Tall GearBox for all of my chemicals and harmful items. It’s the perfect size and can be locked up. Plus, I can move the Tall GearBox around the garage on casters or mount it on the wall.

Now that I have all of my hazardous chemicals and harmful items locked up, I need to focus my yard tools and gardening equipment. I decided to use Geartrack® Channels and hooks to make sure that equipment is off the floor and out of reach. I can even store a stroller or two on the GearTrack® Channels.

This is just a start to baby proofing my garage. The great thing is that my Gladiator® system can adapt to my needs as my daughter gets older and the things we need to store change.


So, I am literally days away from delivering my first baby! As anxious as I am about all things baby and childbirth, I’m relieved to know our entire home is organized and ready to store everything new parents are told they must have for a new baby.

My husband and I have a very small house so many of the things we need to store end up in our one-car garage. It’s just big enough to park our car in, with only a little room at the front for storage.

I have to say, we have made the most of this small space with some strategic placement of Gladiator® cabinets, tool storage solutions, GearTrack® Channels and hooks.

The GearTrack® Channels and hooks have been a lifesaver! Now we can hang our jogging stroller and regular stroller so they’re off the dirty floor and out of the way, but within easy reach. Plus, it frees up space too!

We’ve also been able to organize all of our garden tools, brooms, and other items we don’t want to knock around as we gingerly squeeze our baby in and out of the car.

We also own the 3-Piece Classic Tool Chest, which has put all of my husband’s tools in a convenient place to assemble the crib, changing table, and bassinet. And the Large GearBox is awesome for all of those extra diapers and wipes, not to mention the bulk items like paper towels and toilet paper we have accumulated in preparation for our new, chaotic schedule.

Now we feel as prepared as two new parents can be for the arrival of our little peanut. It’s a good feeling to know that as our baby grows and starts gathering toys, bikes and shoes, we can always rearrange and add to our Gladiator® system to keep everything neatly stored. And we can be the only ones on the block proud to keep the garage door open!

Update: Natalie recently gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Congratulations to Natalie and her husband!

As you can see, every new parent should start thinking about how they can “baby-proof” and “child-proof” this space just like the rest of the home.

About the Authors: Heath Craven is a Sales Manager with Gladiator brand. He lives by the motto “work hard, play hard”. In fact he does most of his playing in the great outdoors: hunting, fishing and camping.

Natalie Goveia is a Sales Manger with Gladiator brand. She’s is a fiery red head with a personality that’s as sweet as honey. Her hobbies are entertaining and shopping – she can find a bargain anywhere she goes. She is also Miss November in our Gladiator® calendar.

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