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Find a Misplaced Hobby During National Hobby Month

By Trish Taylor, PR Pro

January is National Hobby Month. I’m not too sure if it’s an “official” month, but nonetheless it’s a great time to think about those hobbies you forgot you loved or tap into new ones to get your mind and body even more active.


One of my long-forgotten hobbies is mountain biking. The poor mountain bike is stored away in the shed with flat tires behind a lawn mower, a fertilizer thingamajig, shovels, buckets and beach chairs. To get my mountain biking heart rate back up to the old days, I picked up a Gladiator Claw™ for the garage. This way, I can move my bike from the lonely back of the shed and put it within arm’s reach in the organized garage.

Another thing in the back of the shed? My fishing pole. I have a creek not too far from the house, but I don’t go because I can’t get to that fishing pole! Gladiator® makes a fishing pole holder so you can mount the pole vertically or horizontally on the Wall Systems.

Making your hobbies accessible is key especially when that TV remote always seems to be a bit too accessible.

Most of my hobbies are fairly traditional. I like gardening, watching Cubs games, going to the beach, running, cooking and going on hikes with my dogs.

But there are tons of things to get involved in. Locally, we have a steam engine museum and people really love their trains. Also, there are clubs for everything – the Corvette club, the bird watchers club, home brewer’s club, the model car club and on and on. Check out this website to find a new hobby.

I’ve found my hobbies have acquired me a great network of friends.  There’s nothing quite like doing something you love with people who share the same passion – and you never would have met them without enjoying that hobby.

About the Author: Trish Taylor is a PR pro on Gladiator brand.  She’s a Midwesterner who can’t sit still. Just try to find her. Is she cycling across Iowa or running with her pitbull and German Shorthair Pointer in the dunes of Lake Michigan? Her garage is a local celebrity for being the birthplace to the infamous vanvertible.

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