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Winter Garage Prep 101

By Trish Taylor, PR Pro

Many of you may now be hitting sub-freezing temperatures outside. We definitely have here in the Midwest. So now’s the time, if you haven’t already, to winterize items in the garage that may not take too kindly to winter. You don’t want to be pondering, “what if I just….” in the spring.

If you have a pressure washer, be sure to read the manual to prepare it for its winter hibernation. There may be water lingering in the hoses and pumps, which if frozen, may cause damage.

Do you have latex paint stored in the garage? Be sure to bring it to a warm area for the winter. It can freeze too.

Now get everything ready for winter clean up. One of the biggest complaints come snowfall is the snowblower is hard to start. Get ahead of the game and check the spark plug for carbon build up and replace if necessary. Also, old fuel can get stale causing problems firing up the snowblower. Mix up some fresh two-stroke, following instructions that came with the machine.

Next, get the shovels and salt within easy reach of the nearest door to clean off the front step and sidewalks.

Pick up some subzero windshield wiper fluid to fill your car’s reservoir to prevent a frozen, blurry windshield. We’ve all experienced the days when a snowplow throws a nice pile of slush onto our windshields. Don’t get caught with an empty windshield washer fluid tank.

Now that you know what to do, here are some tips on how to keep it all organized.

Install a Gladiator® wall system; GearTrack® Channels or GearWall® Panels.

Place items such as spark plugs, fuses or extra batteries in Small Item Bins.

Keep windshield wiper fluid, salt containers or gas cans on our 30” or 48” Solid Shelves.

Hooks provide easy access to snow shovels as well as a home for seasonal equipment like leaf blowers and rakes.

Preparation and planning can prevent a lot of headaches later.  Good luck!

About the Author: Trish Taylor is a PR pro on Gladiator brand.  She’s a Midwesterner who can’t sit still. Just try to find her. Is she cycling across Iowa or running with her pitbull and German Shorthair Pointer in the dunes of Lake Michigan? Her garage is a local celebrity for being the birthplace to the infamous vanvertible.

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