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Rethink the Way You Use Your Garage

By Mario D’Ovidio, General Manager

The other day, the team was talking about different ways to use the garage beyond parking the car and storing stuff. Last year we held the Unveil Your Garage sweepstakes. The contest taught us that people are using their garage for more than just a catch-all.

Workout space

After hearing that some of you were using the garage for a workout room, we turned our team lose to create a gym setting using Gladiator® products. They came up with some pretty great ideas like using the Ball Caddy for yoga mats and rolled up towels. Now that’s alternative use! While we were in the process of shooting our own workout space, the DIY Sweat Equity team contacted us about the same exact thing and created a home-based business for some personal trainers.


This is my passion. I’m an avid DIYer. Having a space dedicated solely to a workshop is something I think everyone should have. Whether it’s in the garage, in a basement or a separate building, a workshop can provide a space to de-stress, find your balance and create amazing things with your own hands, with the help of some trusty tools of course.

When I think about being handy, it reminds me of a great line from an old Canadian comedian, Red Green “If women don’t find you handsome they should at least find you handy.”

Whether you need to find a particular screw, a light switch or a 90 degree copper elbow, a well-organized workshop can turn any handyman into a neighborhood hero.




With the garage being one of the largest square footage spaces in the home, it makes a lot of sense to use this space to start a new business, and many people have. Gladiator® wall systems combined with hooks, shelves, baskets and bins keep your workspace organized and at your fingertips.

These are just a few of the more obvious uses for a garage’s expansive square footage. I know there are a lot more out there. We would love to hear from you if you have used your garage for activities other than parking your car or storing your stuff.  Who knows, you might just provide us inspiration for our next new product.

About the Author: Mario D’Ovidio is Gladiator brand’s General Manager. He’s the Top Dog, the Chief, the Big Cheese. But don’t let that fool you. He’s also the guy who inspires the weird, the wild and the wacky.

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