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Back To School: Dorm Edition

By Kellye Wilson, Sales Director

Thinking back on my venture of going off to college (and yes I can remember back that far), I was totally freaked out about being on my own for the first time as well as the absolute competitiveness of having a cool space in my little corner of a dorm room. Looking around, I was a little jealous of the matching comforters, crates, and desk supplies of my roommates. But then I created a stylish nirvana that soon became my signature rule for decorating in years to come. My coworkers tease me constantly on how “cute” my office space is.

I’m from the south and a classic southern style was more my speed than the bright colors and faddish designs of my roommates. Not only did my classic pieces transition with my needs from year to year, they actually transferred into my first apartment and finally into my home. I actually still have an antique chest that I lovingly restored in college 27 years ago and still use today.

At the end of each semester, I watched my roommates (bless their hearts) throw away their tacky, cracked, faddishly-designed plastic crates. What a waste of money! I began to see that a few quality pieces kept me from having to constantly replace broken “stylish” junk with new, soon-to-be-broken “stylish” junk. It also gave me more cash to buy fabulous shoes.

An interesting statistic: $47 billion dollars are spent annually on back-to-school. With that much money going towards sending teens off on the amazing college adventure, wouldn’t it be nice to give them something they can use now and carry with them as they move into their first apartment. They might even bring it back to you!

Here are some creative ideas for using Gladiator® products at school. Start with a couple pieces of GearTrack® Channels, then add:

  • Wire or Mesh Baskets and shelves to hold clothes, bedding and bathroom items
  • Small item bins for office gear like pens, zip drives, power cords and keys
  • Hooks for jackets, backpacks and even a bike
  • Locking Wall GearBoxes to store clothing or other items you don’t want your roommate to borrow
  • Modular GearBoxes for larger stuff like a cooler or sports equipment and our Fold-Away Workstation for a convenient desk

Using Gladiator® products in dorm rooms or apartments can help make the transition from home to school and back much easier and provides a money-saving solution in the long run.

I know I would have loved to have something this sleek and stylish when I was in school. And my dad would have been happy to use it for his space when school was over.

About the Author: Kellye Wilson is the Sales Director for Gladiator® GarageWorks. She’s a Southern Belle whose wit could charm rust off a bumper. In fact, she could probably sell you the shirt on your back, and look good doing it.

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